Pronounced “ee-von”, her name has always been the biggest ice-breaker, for making new friends and acquaintances. Exuberant, outgoing, full of life, and an eye for detail that misses nothing. Yvonne has 20 years of experience working in different industries including HR and believe it or not, Finance. So with an innate understanding of how businesses work, she has brought her experience, and combined it with her creative third eye, to make videos that resonate. Yvonne loves sports, books, and cars but most of all, she loves Lenstricks and the movies imagined and created there.


Chitra is a storyteller, having started writing at a very early age, if she hadn’t joined corporate life, she’d have become an author. For the past 19 years she has worked in different industries, always looking for a story, and telling it when required. She is a dreamer, and ever so slightly eccentric, who loves to weave magic using words, and enjoys the process of watching her stories come to life. Chitra loves to read books and collects them, every opportunity she gets. Becoming an author is still not off the table for her, but right now making films at Lenstricks is where her passion lies.


Amit brings the knowledge of technology to the table, ensuring the final product delivered is always top class, and is as it was imagined and conceptualised. Amit has worked in various industries and in various roles, picking up skills along the way, all leading to Lenstricks and making beautiful films. Amit is passionate about coding and enjoys working on his top-secret project which is, well, a secret. Amit also enjoys good food, peppy music and riding his bike.